Tech Day
28 Nov 2019

AC Hotel Barcelona Fòrum

Paseig del Taulat, 278 08019 Barcelona

How to get there?

The AC Hotel Barcelona Fòrum is located at the end of Avenida Diagonal in Barcelona, opposite the Diagonal Mar shopping center. You can get there by public transport, using the metro, light rail or taking one of the buses. There is also a car park available at the hotel for those who get there by car.

Access by Metro


Take L4 towards La Pau to El Maresme | Fòrum.

Access by light rail



Take T4 towards Estació de Sant Adrià to Fòrum.

Access by bus


H16, 7

Take H16 towards Fòrum Campus Besòs and get off at Pg. Taulat - Pl. Llevant or Take bus number 7 towards Fòrum and get off at Diagonal - Pl. Llevant.

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